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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

3 Steps to Succeed on Social Media

In the ever changing world, that is social media; it can be hard to keep track of what you've done.
Working with new sites and even just one can seem like a nightmare. You feel like you can't stay on up and end up drowning in old posts and unhelp information.

Don't worry! Steps can be taken to control all that media. I have a few I learned from class and in a blog by Rebekah Radice, her "How to Succeed on Social Media."

First thing is first, breathe. You aren't the only one who was outsmarted by social media. It's going to be okay and easy to get back on track. All it takes is some self-motivation, confidence, and three smell steps.

Step 1.

Take a step back.

Look at what you have in front of you
Do you see everything or just some of everything?

Look at the media you are using. If you're unable to make heads or tails of it, then how can you expect your customers too.

By getting the whole view, you can see what truly works and what needs improving.

This step back should help you to see what your customers are seeing.

Step 2.

Like Rebekah said on her blog, it's about using what makes you different.

It's about taking what you're good and using that to your benefit.

Having that confidence can make all the difference.

Knowing how you work and who are as a person, can help set the bar for your social media sites.

Knowing where you stand and stand for, means you're more likely to go after what you want.
You'll have a clear path with nothing in the way.

Even if something does, you'll know you have what it takes to get past it.

Step 3. 

Listen and try.

Listen to what others have to say about your use of media.

Then take all the comments or concerns and do something with them. Don't just scroll through.

By taking your followers, voices into consideration, it shows that you as a social mediator, what things to be right.

It'll also make them feel like they matter and that's a good thing.

In the long run, it'll help to build connections and a support system.

More ways to get you and what you have to say across platforms faster.

Well, there you have it. Three easy steps to help make your social media a little better.

Step back; while haveing the confidence in you to listen and try.

It may seem hard as first but with more practice and time, it'll get easier.

Growing Social Media by mkhmarketing, Flickr.
I, myself am still learning the ropes to all that social media as to offer. Until next time, good luck on social media.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Remembering the Okie From Muskogee: Merle Haggard

Early this month Country Music lost a legend, Merle Haggard.

Haggard was an artist that sang about being Middle American, going back home and Mama. Haggard's songs have won him many of awards and countless Grammy’s; one of which was the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award back on 2006.

However, there was more to Merle than just words and awards, he was a simple man who wanted to sing and play guitar. He was a man who wasn’t afraid to sing about topics that would make him controversial conversation. Merle Haggard was a man who stood for more than just music. His life was one that told a story and he did just that when he sang.

With more than 50 years in Country Music, his voice will be missed.

I thought to write about Merle because of his long run with Country Music. When Country Music loses one of their own, they stand together and mourn as one. Artists Willie Nelson, Eric Church, Carrie Underwood and many others took to twitter to give their respects.

Fellow Country artists Vice Gill and Scotty McCreery both paid tribute to the legend. Vince Gill sang an inspirational song about a world without Haggard. McCreery took to the Grand Ole Opry while singing “Mama Tried”.

If you would like to view more of the impact Haggard had on the Country Community please go to my Storify, Okie From Muskogee, where there will be links to both performances and biographical articles.

Rest in Peace Merle Haggard.
Country Music and fans will help sing you back home.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Influencer Marketing


A few days ago, I had the chance to participate in a twitter chat. I had never done one before and wasn't sure what to expect. In the hour it took for the Chat to chat, I had my questions answered and I left the chat feeling heard and happy.

The topic of the twitter chat was "Influencer Marketing". A subject all too new to me, even with three years of college communication classes under my belt, this term never came up. I was curious and I had an assignment deadline hanging over me. So I jumped on the website and started to type in hashtags to follow.

#MediaChat was one on the assignment sheet so I typed it into the search bar and off I went... after I did a little time zone conversion. I even went so far as to tweet the host #MediaChat if I had the correct conversion for central. #MediaChat
was kind enough to tweet me back and confirm 9:00 p.m. was right.

It one tweet that got me to stay and continue to learn about what "Influencer Marketing" is all about.

The hour-long #MediaChat went fast. Many other people who were asking questions and answering other questions. Thankfully, the page was easy to navigate and I came out with some great information.

I came out learning a lot from both the host and special guest CamMi Pham.

 I was able to learn that Influencers are meant to go into things with personality and to be good you have to be smart about how you influence.
 As Sarah shared in the Chat, Influencers have a better chance if they speak up and have that personal touch. Sarah wasn't the only one who had this thought. Others were saying how Influencers need to remember to not be dependent on the market they have. Influencers should also remember to have conversations with their market or company.
I could go on with the knowledge I gained from this #MediaChat but it's best if you take the time to join in on one yourself. #MediaChat is held on Thursdays.
Before I leave you, go about chatting, I would like to share a few more tweets from the conversation.

Lastly, I'm still not a hundred percent sure actually what an "Influencer" is, but the idea, terms, and conversation around the topic made it seem like it's highly important. It seems to be an ever-changing job at that. 
Ending chat thank yous

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Power of a Pin

When people think of Pinterest it can be safe to say a majority of the time it's fandoms and woman who pin clothes and recipes.Yes, this does happen, but there are men and guys who have accounts and boards. It's just not for clothes and recipes.With the latest update to Pinterest, the newest layout now includes a spot that combines sites where you can buy clothes, home decor and more. Shop the best of Pinterest, with its explore now button. It's nice to finally be able to go and see how much something costs and what sizes things come in.This new add-on I'm sure is nice for businesses who have accounts and even for new coming business who are just starting out. It's great marketing and a way to have all you need to get your name out there in one spot.Now I know what you are thinking, Pinterest for marketing... yeah this is a thing. It can be useful too. Upon reading and looking into articles, I came across one on Post Planner by Rebekah Radice (click for full article) that is user-friendly for a business seeking Pinterest as a platform for marketing.The article goes into the basics of what Pinterest is and why it may be a good add on to your business marketing. It nicely breaks down what a business account needs into steps (here). There are four steps in all with little sub-steps/ to-dos in each.These to-dos break down in how you as a business owner can get your name out there and where/ how on Pinterest you do that. The article goes into logos and where to place them, it breaks down boards and secret boards. It clarifies on why the functions on boards and pin are. Why it may help to have secret boards (here). Pinterest is a place that is easy to get lost in (I would know), if you have your logo out there, and pins out there, a person(s) can find you the next time they use search. The benefits of being so visual help fellow pinner understand what the business has to offer. The Shop the best of Pinterest add-on leads said pinners to your businesses website.Pinterest definitely more than just girly pins and hot dudes. It's a place for a company to grow and become more active and aware. It's a place where you can group related sites and items to your business, so the next time you're on Pinterest, consider the benefits it has to offer for marketing and your business.

Until next time, happy pinning.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Elements for Success

There is a lot that goes into making Public Relations successful. It has to do with the field the person is in, the organization the Public Relations is a part of, it comes down to the person themselves and how equipped they are the job. Are they going in guns blazing hoping for the best or are they sitting down doing their homework. Public Relations is a series job that requires a person’s up most attention.
This attention is the success part of the job; it requires 3 elements, writing, research and communication theory. These are the important parts skills to being good at Public Relations.
Writing, taking pen to paper and spelling out all the words trapped in your head. Public Relations is just that, but a little more structured. Public Relations is about the love of wring (or liking enough), it's about making sure things are clear, short and true. These three little words are goal for whatever channel one is using. This medium could be annual report, brochure, case study or news brief, these are a few of the many formats a Public Relations person may write, see Types of Writing for further input. Going into Public Relations, one doesn't have to enjoy writing, you don't have to, it helps but you can learn to enjoy it over time. Writing isn't for everyone but it can be something with major benefits. One can gain a better vocabulary, spell faster, or even type faster depending on if it's a computer project or not. A writing skill is important to have even if it's not for Public Relations.